Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Trip to Melbourne - Brunch capital of the UNIVERSE!

I've been lucky enough to score two glorious weekends in Melbourne hanging out with my awesome Sis & Bro with a week in Sydney for work inbetween.  Every time I visit, I can't get over the number of new & amazing cafes that have popped up whilst I have been away.  Each is so unique & oozing its own personal identity, charm & special take on food & coffee.  One thing I did notice is how serious coffee has become.  We used to joke about having a long list of types to choose from which included soy, skinny lattes, capuccinos, espressos, machiatos etc, now we have filtered, drip, syphon, long pour.... the list goes on and it's pretty frightening!  I'll, umm, have a coffee thanks....?!
The food on offer at each cafe is also varied & delicious.  Reading the menu has been known to bring on bouts of anxiety - what to choose?!?.  There's lots of fusion going on too, and with access to such fresh & fantastic produce, it's hard to go wrong.  Here are some of the highlights in my quest to search for Melbourne's best brunch cafe...
Perfect cappucino at De Cleu

The most GIGANTIC stack of pancakes at Cafe Loco.

Perfectly gooey scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.....I was in heaven.

Poached eggs with baby spinach & dukka at Porgie & Mr Jones.

Need I say more?
Perfect brew - liking my Charles & Di teaspoon! 
Another heavenly brunch experience at Las Chicas - the pesto on top of the smoked salmon was amazing....

A perfect Sunday morning at a cafe called Porgie & Mr Jones. Poached egg perched on top of glistening slices of chorizo, grilled mushrooms and smashed avocado.

Babka - a Brunswick St institution.  Here we have their ginger french toast with poached pears & berries.

My last coffee for this trip at Proud Mary.
With so much inspiration I hope this weekend's brunch at Brunch & Co won't disappoint!!  I have special treats handcarried all the way back for our guests.  Menu coming out soon!

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