Sunday, 19 February 2012

Brunch & Co's Event #6 - Surprise Birthday Party!

Brunch & Co had its first birthday brunch today for guest Charlene.  We were honored that Charlene's hubby, Bobby, decided to book out all 12 seats for the special Brunch & Co party.  Charlene - We hope you had a birthday party to remember!

As I was just back from a work trip to the UK, I took the opportunity to share one of my favorite indulgences - Welsh bacon (any British bacon is better than the saline injected version we get here in Singapore!)

But let's start at the beginning!  For nibbles, we had Peach cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting - I couldn't resist topping them with little Love Heart sweets, seeing as Valentine's Day was just around the corner and all...

For starters, we had Bircher Style muesli layered with creamy Greek Yoghurt, toasted muesli and fresh pineapple & passionfruit salad infused with cardamon sugar syrup.  It's hiding in the jar!

For Mains we served the grilled Welsh bacon with oven baked Portobello mushrooms, wilted baby spinach, creamy truffle scented scrambled free range eggs & toast - YUM!

Sorbet course followed - dished up by the talented Li-Yong who was a great help at today's brunch - Thanks again Li-Yong!!

Dessert was birthday cake!!  Lemon drizzle served with whipped mascarpone infused with orange blossom flower water & topped with Persian Pashmak fairy floss of the same orange blossom flavor (big thanks to my sister Jen for sending it all the way from Australia!!)

Well, 12 tummies fed and all the plates & glasses washed and put away ready for the next Brunch & Co event.  March 11th is fully booked but spaces are available for Sunday 22nd April, hope to see you there!  For more information you can email us at

In the meantime, happy Brunching!

Louise & Mark