Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Announcement: Brunch & Co's 1st Coffee "POP UP"!

Something exciting is brewing!

We are thrilled to announce that Brunch & Co is “popping” up at Matt’s The Chocolate Shop on Amoy Street for one week as resident barista from Monday 1st April!

Yes, finally, you’ll be able to enjoy Matt’s decadent chocolate treats along side a steamy cup of coffee lovingly made by Moi!

As you may have noticed from copious coffee photo posts on FB, I have been tirelessly practicing the art of being a barista, whilst simultaneously gaining a slightly worrying caffeine addiction, so I think I'm ready to be unleashed to the public!

I’ll be using the delicious “SpeakEasy” blend roasted by Pauline & Terence from Singapore based Liberty Coffee. This blend features beans from Brazil & El Salvador that are roasted together to provide a smooth taste with cocoa & nutty tones - a perfect match for Matt’s cakes I reckon!

We’re keeping things simple on the coffee front & will be offering extra special “pop up only" prices!

Option 1: Black (shot of espresso with/without addition of hot water) - $3.00
Option 2: White (shot of espresso topped with steamed milk & micro foam) - $3.50

So please "pop" in at 44 Amoy Street from the 1st April – 5th April between 12-4pm to sample a cuppa as well as a chocolate treat!

PS. This is not an April fool’s joke, we'll really be there so please come and visit us and pass this invite to as many of your coffee & chocolate loving friends as possible!!