Monday, 10 June 2013


June started with a bang for Brunch & Co as we helped to cater food for two corporate events for a very schmick lighting company on Club Street.

It was great fun developing the menu for the buffet dinner & lunch - we wanted to create spreads that were not only delicious but also visually beautiful and different to standard catering fare available here in Singapore.  We also needed food that was easy to eat whilst watching presentations and also food that could be happily served at room temperature.  We hope we hit the mark!

For the dinner, we served the following:

- Roasted Pumpkin, baby potatoes, chickpeas, baby spinach leaves with a Middle Eastern dressing
- French beans & sugar snaps tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Orange
- Gorgeous Pistachio Dukkah roasted chicken thighs sprinkled with pomegranate
- Cherry Tomato bruschetta, using homemade walnut bread
- Individual Very Boozy Sherry Trifles

For our lunch event, we served the following:

- Asian inspired soba noodle, shredded chicken & crunchy vegetable salad served in individual noodle boxes
- Sesame spiced roasted chicken balls
- Dessert shots - Lemon curd & ginger crumb shots & White Chocolate pudding shots with rhubarb compote
- Melting moment cookies with a raspberry butter cream frosting

We also made a few extra special desserts for them to try for future events!

- Heston Blumenthal's tiramisu plant pots (with asparagus sprigs shooting out of the chocolate soil)
- Green tea tiramisu
- Strawberry & Pomegranate Fool

We also had a special birthday cake order for our friend Chris' pal Andrew (a.k.a. Fangio) - both keen cyclists! We made a Lemon & Almond cake drizzled with lemon syrup and topped with a lemon & custard butter cream frosting - yummy!

Let Brunch & Co cater your special event and/or bake a homemade bespoke cake for your next happy occasion!  For more information contact Louise at

Until then, happy brunching!