Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Brunch & Co's Festive travels update

Well here we are in steamy Singapore - it's nice to be back after 3 weeks of Christmas & New Year fueled indulgence & overdoses of my Mum's amazing home cooking.  Added to these, my attempt to visit as many awesome Melbourne cafes as possible (my list of must-visit cafes kept on growing) has lead to us having had quite a bit of excess baggage to deal with - not just the suitcase variety!!

Looking through photos of our trip back to Australia, I thought I would share with you some of the pictures that literally made my mouth water, a bit of food porn if you will!  My new year's gift to all of you - please enjoy at your leisure!

Gorgeous sushi rolls overlooking Wategos Beach,
Byron Bay with Margie

Amazing charcuterie platter shared with Mum & Dad up in the Dandenongs

Three Bags Full with Lisa, Bea, Mikie, Mark & Sarah
Amazing poached egg oozing all over glistening slices
of smoked salmon & a zucchini fritter

Tutto Bene Restaurant with Lisa, Bea, Jen, Mark & Sarah
Delicate & punchy at the same time - beetroot salad with
stuffed zucchini flowers

Spout with Jen
Perfectly scrambled eggs with pastrami encrusted salmon & sourdough toast

Hawk & Hunter with Jen, Mikie & Mark
Mexican corn & black bean fritters with chimichurri, avocado & oozy poached egg

Cafe Vue with Mum, Dad & Mark
Coconut poached chicken wrap

Backstreet Eating with Mikie & Mark
Delectable, earthy braise of goat shoulder with soft baked eggs

Backstreet Eating with Mikie & Mark
Luscious slices of salmon gravlax, creamy scrambled eggs & herb quark on toast

Backstreet Eating - with Mikie & Mark
Macerated berries atop granola & creamy yoghurt

Chez Tong Seniors - with Mum, Dad & Mark
A-mazing thick cut steaks grilled to perfection by Mum on their new Barbie!

So as you can deduce, our tummies are now a tad on the "bulgie" side, albeit very happy & well fed!

We're looking forward to cooking up a storm in 2013 with lots of fun & exciting events planned - stay tuned on our blog events page and/or "Like" us on Facebook to be the first to hear what's happening.

Hope to see you all at Brunch & Co soon!  Happy New Year!

Mark & Louise xx


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