Friday, 12 April 2013

Brunch & Co's Coffee Pop Up at Matt's The Chocolate Shop

So some things are just meant to be - take for instance our successful coffee pop up held during these last couple of weeks.

It all started about a month ago when I diverted from my usual route and happened to walk past Matt's The Chocolate Shop on Amoy Street and decided to pop inside to escape the afternoon heat.  I was instantly struck by the delicious chocolatey aroma that hit me as I entered the shop.

I ordered a little chocolate fudge cake and noticed, to my surprise, that no coffee was available to go with it.
Matt & I - Photo courtesy of Gwen
That's when the little cogs in my brain started to turn...."hmmm", I thought, "I have an awesome espresso machine & need coffee customers I can practice on and, Matt has a lovely cafe without means for making coffees".

So a deal was struck and the Brunch & Co Coffee Pop Up idea was launched - within a couple of weeks of meeting, there I was standing behind the counter of Matt's shop on a Monday morning ready to make coffees!
Photo courtesy of awesome regular coffee customer, Mei Wan Foo!
Photo by amazing photographer Ron Lee - me skiving off work!
Fast forward two weeks, over 5kg's of Liberty SpeakEasy coffee beans, copious amounts of milk & 225 cups later I can honestly say it has been such a brilliant experience.

Whilst hard work being on my feet all day, I absolutely loved the buzz of working in Matt's cafe.

It was great getting to know Matt, Sharon & Gwen from the shop as well as some of the local neighbours who became our "regulars".

Most of all I was so touched to see all our friends coming out in droves to pop in and support me - thank you to each & everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.

My #1 Supporter!
Special thanks also to Matt & his team for being so open and welcoming and to Terence & Pauline from Liberty Coffee for their huge support as well!

PS. If you know a good place for a coffee pop up please drop me a line at - in the meantime, happy brunching & coffee drinking to one and all!

Louise x

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