Sunday, 4 August 2013

Brunch & Co Event #21 - Hee Kong's Surprise Birthday Brunch!

We've been busy little bees at Brunch & Co lately with brunches scheduled over the last couple of weekends as well as a very special catering event for the lovely Kate from Kate Porter Yoga last Friday evening. Phew!!  The upcoming long weekend to celebrate both Hari Raya Puasa (celebration of the end of Ramadan fasting) as well as Singapore's National Day could not come at a better time!

This weekend's brunch was arranged by Sherry for a surprise birthday celebration for her husband Hee Kong - he certainly had a shock when he entered to find a bunch of his friends waiting for him!

Hee Kong arriving and about to be pounced on by Bear Hug David
As Hee Kong spent his childhood in Melbourne and enjoys Aussie cuisine, we decided to indulge in some of his favourite dishes (as advised by Sherry)!  We also decorated the table with a series of bespoke "Melbourne Landmark" napkins & lamington cookies.

To start, we served 63 degree soft boiled eggs with croque monsieur toast soldiers - these crispy little fingers were filled with parma ham and slathered with melted butter & dijon mustard and sprinkled with shredded gruyere cheese before getting a toasting in the oven - totally delish!

We then moved onto the main course of our take on the quintessential Aussie Meat Pie.  We took our inspiration from the recipe for a "Humble Beef Pie" from the Bourke St Bakery cookbook - absolutely delicious with big chunks of tender beef covered in a tomatoey gravy....

Alongside the pies, we served up a big dish of buttery mash potatoes seasoned with truffle salt and some French Beans drizzled with olive oil & a sprinkle of lemon zest.

The finale was Heston Blumenthal's pot plant Tiramisu topped with homemade chocolate "soil".

We had such a fun time preparing & serving up today's meal to such a lovely group of brunchers - we hope you all had a fun & yummy time!

Happy Birthday Hee Kong!

Louise & Mark xx


  1. You are amazing. All new ideas and so fresh and tasty looking. The toast soldiers were a nice twist. Keep up the good work! Ange x

    1. Thanks heaps Ange! Yep, the toast soldiers went down a good for dunking!

  2. Looks delicious Lou! I've been following your progress closely and you're just going from strength to strength! proud of you!!

    1. Thanks so much Nureen!! I so appreciate your support & encouragement :)